Jarvis Electrical- Brisbane

Jarvis Electricals is a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Camp Hill that serves the whole Brisbane area.

Jarvis Electrical- Brisbane

Residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services in Brisbane and the surrounding areas are provided by Jarvis electrical professionals.  They offer a variety of electrical services. They've done everything from PowerPoint replacements to light repairs to electrical upgrades. Jarvis Electrical has you equipped no matter what your electrical issue involves. Electrical repairs, maintenance, and installations are all areas of expertise for electricians.

Nathan Jarvis- Director

Nathan has worked in the electrical sector for almost 20 years. His professional experience has included all aspects of household, commercial, and industrial electrical installations and repairs, beginning as an apprentice in 1995. Nathan has amassed a plethora of expertise in the electrical business over the years, as well as a desire for delivering high-quality work at a reasonable price. He takes pleasure in maintaining open lines of contact with clients and finding the most commercial, safe, and professional solution possible.

At Jarvis Electrical, they do the following:

  • The team puts a premium on customer service and looks forward to working with them.
  • The prices are reasonable; please inquire for a quote; they will be delighted to provide one.
  • They operate in a tidy and organised manner, treating your house as if it were their own. They take pleasure in the work and can guarantee you a high level of quality craftsmanship.
  • They have a lot of expertise and are really efficient.
  • The thorough attention to detail guarantees that the best possible solution is always provided.
  • The team of professionals is there to assist you, so please don't hesitate to seek their guidance.

If you're searching for solar panel installation, check out their Solar Installers Brisbane page. Split system air conditioners are also installed by them! For additional information, see the Air Conditioning installation Brisbane page and the Ceiling fan installation page. For  TV installation checkout the Brisbane page for more information. They offer you a safe and efficient job, and they take pride in being upfront and straightforward with their clients so you know exactly what you're getting and paying for! Look no further if you're looking for an electrician in Brisbane.


  1. Commercial Cleaning
  2. Renovations in the Home
  3. Repairs and maintenance of electrical systems
  4. Efficiency in Energy
  5. Lighting/Safety Upgrades to Switch Boards
  6. Power Points
  7. Commercial Cleaning
  8. Exhaust Fans
  9. Antennas & TV Outlets
  10. Ovens, stoves, and cooktops
  11. Smoke detectors
  12. Ceiling Lights
  13. Systems for Providing Hot Water

Residential and business electrical services are provided by your local experts. Jarvis Electrical is a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Camp Hill that serves the whole Brisbane area. 

Brisbane Air Conditioning Installation

Jarvis Electrical is a Brisbane-based company that specialises in air conditioning installation. They are assisting a large number of customers with split system air conditioners. Without a cooling system in your house or business, the summer months in Brisbane may be nearly intolerable. Split systems are one of the most prevalent types of air conditioners, and they keep you cool in the hot Brisbane summers while simultaneously keeping you warm in the cold Brisbane winters. Jarvis Electrical's air conditioning contractors can provide you with advice on whether split system air conditioning would be advantageous to you.

If you have any electrical questions, feel free to contact Nathan. He'd be delighted to hear from you.

Phone- 0419 931 198

Email- [email protected]

Address- 3 Ethel St, Camp Hill QLD 4152, Australia

Website- https://www.jarviselectrical.com.au/