Our Cow - New South Wales- Fresh Farm Meat

After facing their northeast NSW farm completely destroyed by fire in 2018, Dave McGiveron and Bianca Tarrant launched Our cow that is giving expectation and monetary security to numerous different farmers, just as premium high-grade meat direct to Australian homes.

Our Cow - New South Wales- Fresh Farm Meat
Our Cow Founders
The two youthful founders Dave 28 and Bianca 23 bought a farm 3.5hrs inland from Byron Bay. The primary years of farming were really tough for both, they had to confront a progression of flames, floods, and extreme drought conditions. It was during this difficult phase, a thought came into their mind. 
Our Cow Story
The couple's farm at Baryulgil, close to Casino, in upper east NSW, was seriously harmed in bushfires in 2018, and with a strong home loan to pay, they needed to act rapidly to discover a route through. The business began by selling beef cuts to families for the most part in the Brisbane region through a Facebook page in January 2019. This has now expanded to full e-commerce activity overhauling the whole nation, including Western Australia.  Acknowledging how far and wide and solid the help for farmers and the provincial local area was, it was here the thought for Our Cow started. It was their vision to make an association between farmers and individuals who buy their food. This is the fuel that drives them and the main reason from the initial period till now.  In 2019 March the website was launched with the motto to offer meat online, cut to order directly from the Australian farmers to the people, the site is always online and open for orders.  As enclosure to plate farmers, the entirety of the cows are field-raised and free from hormones, implying that they produce and deliver the freshest, cleanest, and nutritious meat for individuals. The company keeps the prospectus transparent for their customers to know exactly where the meat comes from rather than keeping it as a mysterious place.
As the interest developed for Our Cow, they started connecting with different farmers who met their rules to go along with them on the excursion of giving nutritious, flavorful, and meat direct from the paddock to plate. They currently have more than 50 of Australia's best farmers in their organisation, and they are amazingly glad to be working with them. In addition to the fact that they are ready to give a steady, stable market for farmers to sell, which is incredibly troublesome in the volatile domesticated animal industry (livestock) however, they are likewise ready to associate them to individuals who are eating and making the most of their produce.
Our Cow delivers organic, grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, and lamb directly to your doorstep. Right now they deliver all through New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory. Delivery is free for all orders more than $199. Orders under $199 cause a $25 dispatching charge.  The entirety of their meat is cryovaced in segments of 2. Sausages, mince, and diced items are in parts of 500g for simple stockpiling. Cryovacing promotes an extra shelf life, a few items enduring as long as 42 days fresh in the cooler. 
They likewise upcycle boxes to diminish the ecological effect, all boxes are 100% curbside recyclable and non-toxic. Products such as sausages, gourmet, marinated, and stuffed meat are gluten-free. 
Kindly visit: https://ourcow.com.au/ for more information regarding the products and pricing.
Mr. Biller's team wishes Our Cow all the best!