10 Investing shows that aren't Shark Tank

Being an entrepreneur means having knowledge of everything related to businesses. From investing to growing businesses entrepreneurs need ideas, thoughts, representations to make the business successful. Here are 10 Investing shows that aren't Shark Tank. Expand your vision in the field of businesses by watching them or even taking part in them.

10 Investing shows that aren't Shark Tank
As we live in the golden period of Television, from movies to various tv series everything is accessible online. There's an entire host of imaginative, creative, tense, and convincing subjects available on tv. Obviously, there is also a backdrop in watching irrelevant content that can affect your mental ability. However, watching relevant tv series can make you grow and develop. 
The American reality business series, Shark Tank, is amidst its twelfth season, and its first episode circulated in 2009. The centerboard of "sharks" has changed over its life expectancy, while presenting an immense and different organisation of guest sharks.  
Here are 10 Investing Shows that aren't Shark Tank.
1. Dragon Den
Dragon Den was started in Japan in 2001, where the series was known as ''The Tigers of Money''. It was produced in 30 different countries across the globe as a local version, but the British version of the show named it as'' Dragon Den' and it was considered to be the most popular series which inspired Mark Burnett to produce ''Shark Tank''a growing business visionaries pitch out their plans to five investors otherwise known as "Dragons" who then conclude at a point whether to invest into the product/administration that they have recently been pitched. The board of investors is incorporated by successful business entrepreneurs like Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Duncan Bannatyne, and Theo Paphitis. In the event that you need to participate in Dragons Den, download the application form. Then, you can either email or post it as coordinated in the form. 
As a component of the typical selection process, they may approach the business visionaries, or they may apply directly. All applications are processed in a similar way. The last choice for selection in the program will be settled on various factors such as the strength of thought, a marketable strategy, and projected turnover.
2. The Big Brain Theory
Unadulterated pure genius looks for America's most brilliant, boldest, and extraordinary thinkers and sets them in opposition to each other in apparently unthinkable engineered challenges. Host Kal Penn tasks that contenders with secure yet versatile bunkers, triathlon competing robots, and more. Contenders will have only 30 minutes to think of an answer utilising their own intellect to finish the test. In light of rationale and plan, the master board of judges will decide the best engineering idea and select two captains to lead their group to execute the project. The group with the best plan will stay safe, however, the failures will confront the judges who will figure out the member to be eliminated. 
The cameras won't just catch the strain and pressing factor in the planning workshop yet will likewise go inside the living quarters where every one of the contenders should live managing each other's characteristics. 
The champ of the opposition will acquire $50,000 and a one-year agreement to work at WET, the business chief behind a portion of the world's most imaginative water-based designed environments and encounters including the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. He is joined every week by the judge's Mark Fuller, President and Chief of WET, and Dr. Christine Gulbranson, a nanotechnologist and environmentally friendly power pioneer.
3. Cleveland Hustles
Cleveland has its first major sports championship title for over 50 years with the 2016 NBA title. The Basketball hotshot LeBron James is hoping to give much more to Northeast Ohio, where he grew up and still lives. James and colleague Maverick Carter are the executive producers of this show that plans to give Cleveland-region business people speculations to help open new physical stores to attempt to support the region's economy. 
Four local business pioneers guide the proprietors of eight independent ventures and test their business discernment prior to invest into four of the organisations and backing them as they open retail stores in a reconstructing area. B. Bonin Bough, with Kumar Arora, Alan Glazen, Kathy Futey, and Jonathan Sawyer as its panel of investors an executive with a huge food organisation and individual from the Advertising Hall of Fame, has been hand-chosen by James and Carter to fill in as host of the arrangement, which Carter calls "more than a tv show," saying "it's a transformational series that can lift up all of Northeast Ohio''.
4. Million Pound Menu
A restaurant is about cordiality, liberality, it's tied in with making people happy and giving them a good time." There's much that will intrigue anybody about this show. Any sprouting restaurateur, who has a good thought and basically needs the advice and investment to take their plan to the following stage. 1,000,000 pounds is a great deal of cash to launch any business. Million Pound Menu is a twelve-section English-language unscripted television show facilitated by Fred Sirieix, wherein members attempt to persuade a jury with their restaurant ideas. In every episode of the first series, two new restaurant ideas get their own pop-up in Manchester trying to acquire backing from the investors. In season two, the structure changed. Three idea groups of cheerful restaurateurs set up their signature dish for four potential investors. By greater part vote, the investors select one group to open a two-day pop-up restaurant in Manchester, England. If multiple investors make an offer the team has the chance to choose the investor they like to work with.
5. The Deed
The Deed's multi-tycoon real estate moguls Sidney Torres and Sean Conlon go to the guide of battling property investors in desperate need of help. Torres and Conlon will utilise their own money and their years of experience to protect unpracticed home flippers who are nearly losing everything. 
New Orleans-based real estate developer Sidney Torres has created properties adding up to countless dollars in his vocation. With this series, he offers his aptitude and cash to help designers who need help. In the wake of hitting a deal with the landowner, which incorporates getting a piece of the property and a level of the benefits, Torres does whatever is expected to get the property in the clear, regardless of disposing of the current project workers and accomplishing the work himself. Torres swears by the entirety of his experience to get the properties, which range from single-family homes to multiunits, back onto the track.
6. Adventure Capitalists
The series invites new financial backer, American gymnast, and Olympic gold medalist, Shawn Johnson East, who will join returning investors Dhani Jones, previous NFL linebacker, and Jeremy Sprout, former titleholder freestyle skier and the primary competitor to ski in the Olympics and furthermore to be drafted in the NFL.
In every one-hour scene, four separate business visionaries feature products intended for outdoor adventure. The experience entrepreneurs then, put these innovations under serious scrutiny, regularly in harsh conditions, to figure out which are really deserving an investment. There are a few more investors who join Shawn and test products and offer an investment.
7. Billion Dollar Buyer
As a CEO & chairman of accommodation organization Landry's, Inc., Tilman Fertitta is accountable for various broadly known for his entertainment and dining brands, including Morton's The Steakhouse and Golden Nugget Hotels & Casinos. With these and different organisations under his domain, he has gigantic purchasing power with a yearly spending plan of $2 billion, and he's hoping to utilise it to help American small businesses featured in this series. In every episode he invests time with two small companies, inspecting the products and becoming more acquainted with their proprietors. 
In the wake of sharing his ability and lifts for improvements to the organisations' products, Fertitta concludes whether to put in a purchase request with one of the organisations. At the point when Fertitta picks an organisation with which to put in a request, it can change the business as well as its proprietors' lives. 
8. Restaurant Startup
Restaurant Startup is an American food rivalry series. In the show, two-judge investors meet with trying gourmet chefs, taste their food, hear their idea, and choose whom they need to help in their food career. During the initial two seasons, the judge- investors were celebrity restaurateurs Joe Bastianich and Tim Love. In the third season, the judge- investors were Bastianich, Love, and Elizabeth Blau. Each episode is separated into four sections, judges-investors pick among two contending pitches for a new restaurant. Then, the triumphant group gets $7,500, an area, and different aides to refine their restaurant thought (counting logo plan, stylistic theme, and menu) and transform the idea into a working restaurant 36hours Then, the clients are acquired and the group runs the restaurants for a few hours. At last, the group meets with the investors, and one or both of the investors may then make an investment offer.
9. The Profit
Being the President of the multibillion-dollar organisation Camping World takes up a great deal of Marcus Lemonis' time. Be that as it may, when he's not running the organisation, he's looking for battling organisations needing cash. Lemonis attempts to help turn each organisation around by offering cash for a piece of the business and a level of the benefits. Presently he's carrying that interaction to television with this arrangement, where he risks a huge number of dollars of his own cash. 
When he's working with the organisation, he does whatever is important to save the business and make a benefit for himself regardless of whether it implies terminating the president. A portion of his progressions could be viewed as revolutionary, the organisations ought to oblige them on the grounds that, over the most recent 10 years, Lemonis has effectively pivoted in excess of 100 organisations. 
10. West Texas Investor Club
The series follows independent tycoons Mike 'Rooster' McConaughey and Wayne 'Butch' Gilliam meeting entrepreneurs in Texas, offering them the opportunity to pitch their products and secure financing from Rooster and Butch. The two hosts Mike 'Rooster' McConaughey and Wayne 'Butch' Gilliam made their fortune generally from oil-related organisations. Gil Prather, a musician, likewise includes in the series. Rooster is the more established sibling of entertainer Matthew McConaughey. The hosts just make a series in the wake of getting a genuine proportion of a contestant's character. As candidates don't understand that a decent product and a positive asset report aren't sufficient to get an investment from these business people.