Benmar Farm- New South Wales

Karyn Cassar and Carissa Wolfe the lesbian couple runs Benmar Farm in New South Wales a commercial dairy business. This female-farming couple is not just rare in that they are openly homosexual and have so for the past 21 years.

Benmar Farm- New South Wales

Benmar Farm is a certified organic dairy that produces high-quality milk from cows that have been kept in a humane manner. Carissa and Karyn think that as women, they approach farming distinctively and that they bring a range of abilities and experiences from prior occupations to the board.

Story of Lesbain Farmers- Karyn and Carissa

Karyn hails from a family of Maltese farmers, and since the time they were tradespeople in Australia, every member of her extended family farmed their own food in some manner. Being fond of After with beef cattle as a young child, she “stumbled” into the dairy business on the South Coast. Karyn is the first in two generations to make her primary source of income.

Carissa was born and raised in Montana's Rocky mountains, but she spent several days with her grandfather's cattle farm in California. She used to sit with him as a small child as he milked and spoke, meticulously completing everything. His cow was a goddess, and the milk was fluid wealth. Carissa later developed a flair for financial research, but she found the corporate environment was unfulfilling. She flew to Australia with Karyn in 2003, despite being sick. The dairy where they stayed was a healing place for Carissa, and it was there that she realised that the love for cows is in her blood. She added, "It's a generational thing." There was never any doubt in Karyn's mind that when she's with cows, she's at her best; she connects naturally. She can't possibly be absent from the scene.

Karyn and Carissa spent the next 10 years working together to develop the abilities they needed to run their dairy business. Carissa worked in professional accounting to study financial answers to decisions in the dairy, retail, and non-profit industries, while Karyn observed everything from parlor technology to employee administration in dairies. Karyn Cassar and Carissa Wolfe the lesbian couple runs Benmar Farm a commercial dairy business in a sustainable way.  This female-farming couple is not just rare in that they are openly homosexual and have so for the past 21 years. During the global financial crisis, this is how they educated themselves. Three values guide their work at Benmar Farm. We create connections between people and food, bringing them to the joy and richness which is found in their diary. They treat the animals as people and regard their milk as a gift in return. And we pay it forward by proving that a compassionate dairy can be managed on a commercial basis also while also doing everything that they can to pass on what they have learned and what is in the process of learning.

Their attitude is to treat their animals as individuals, caring for and nurturing them as individuals, and treating their milk as a reciprocal gift. 

Character traits
Heritage dairy breeds like Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Jersey, and Fleckvieh, specialised breeds like Illawarra from Australia, and standard dairy breeds like Holstein are all part of the family. Fleckvieh milk is sweet, voluminous, and of excellent quality. The milk contains great levels of protein and fat (3.7 and 4.2 percent, respectively), as well as vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids. They handle customised meat orders in addition to providing milk. The beef stock is a hybrid between the Fleckvieh and Pustertaler German historical breeds. Fleckvieh is a multi-purpose dairy breed that originated in the German, Swiss, and Austrian mountains. The cows are tough, capable of traversing rough terrain and have a strong and well-developed body frame.

Their strategy is based on the idea that food is a two-way street. The attention they give to their cows pays off in the abundance they produce. It's not about crossing things off a list; it's about ensuring that the cows are free from all discomfort and comfortable, with dry places to lie down, grain, and have clean water, and shelter. They provide them the five liberties they are entitled to. 

They strongly state,'' Everything comes from the soil. Everything returns to it''. This is where economic sustainability and production begin. They respect the physical, chemical, and biological balance of the ecosystem. This is where the milk gets its personality. what they refer to as a passion.

Contact: Hannam Vale, New South Wales, Australia 2443
Telephone: +61 0478642735
Email: [email protected]

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