Power Ledger - Perth

Power Ledger is a quickly developing tech startup that has created world-first blockchain-empowered energy and natural product exchanging stage to make energy showcases more effectively.

Power Ledger - Perth

About Power Ledger

Power Ledger creates programming for the customers and accomplices that permits shoppers and makers to track, follow and exchange each kilowatt of energy. Power Ledger is creating frameworks that carry versatility and adaptability to power matrices. The innovation is assisting customers with TDED in Thailand, Australia, and ekWateur in France bring innovative thoughts and types of energy to controlling their customers and working environments. Power Ledger has customers in excess of 9 nations with in excess of 20 activities all around the world. They have received worldwide acknowledgment for their innovation including winning Sir Richard Branson's global Limit Tech Challenge in 2018. Inspite of the acknowledgment for the organisation, the Cofounder Dr. Jemma Green was named the Australian EY Fintech Business visionary of the Year. Power Ledger restrictive programming is at present being utilised in different nations including Australia, Thailand, India, Japan, and the US. With a group that included a portion of the world's driving energy and blockchain specialists, they keep on moving themselves to make a world fueled by sustainable power. 

Chairman- Power Ledger

Dr. Jemma Green is co-founder and Director of www.powerledger.io, programming that utilises blockchain for energy and natural product exchanging. Setting her professional direction from the get-go, Dr. Green turned into the voice of supportability and corporate social obligation occupied with huge cash financing while at J.P. Morgan in London. She at that point proceeded to turn into an exploration individual at Curtin College, was Appointee Deputy Lord Mayor of Perth, set up Australia's first fossil fuel derivative-free annuity fund‎ , and has sat on various sheets supporting economical business. In 2016 Jemma helped to establish Power Ledger. In 2018 Jemma was made EY Fintech Entrepreneur of the Year. 

''Energy markets are changing fast. Power Ledger’s technology creates the marketplace to keep customers connected to the grid and empowers them to control their energy future'', says Dr. Jemma Green

To lead the worldwide democratisation of the energy market where individuals approach energy, can take part straightforwardly in energy advertises and improve their daily routines and the existences of others. They're centered around the long haul, and endeavor to develop our foundation in manners that advantage the customers. They esteem the trust of their customers above all. They're open about risks and difficulties and assume liability if things don't go to design. Power Ledger is mindful of the methodology and targets of the business and the requirement for accomplishment. They are steady and liberal to guarantee colleagues at all levels.

Power Ledger Motto

Clean energy that works for everybody in the world. They have fostered energy and an adaptable exchanging stage that permits families, associations, and the actual network to exchange with one another. It offers innovation that adheres to a responsive market.

Power Ledger Foundation 

The subsequent stage toward a more feasible network. The shift towards renewables carries expanding vulnerability to the matrix. So as more solar-based and wind sources please the matrix, we need to reconfigure it: From a concentrated framework to a disseminated one. The innovation empowers players connecting on the matrix to track, follow and exchange energy continuously. This is assisting with making an adaptable force framework that is both strong and stable in the coming years. Their foundation is particular and adaptable: Every one of the items can be contracted independently, scaling depending on the situation. Their products are separated into three columns: 

Energy trading & traceability

They track and exchange highlights to help you keep steady over the provenance and stream of energy. It can give customers decisions over the energy they're utilising and work with shared exchanging. Solar-oriented P2P energy exchanging can manage abundance sun based in the matrix without sponsorship. 

Flexibility trading

MODE or Commercial center for Streamlining of Conveyed Energy is a commercial center, which empowers Distributed Energy Resource(DER) proprietors and adaptable burdens to give framework administrations to adapt their resources. 

Environmental commodities trading

It is being utilised to guarantee the exchanging of natural wares, for example, environmentally friendly power authentications and carbon credits, which are more straightforward, secure, and proficient.

Accessible Positions

  1. Communication Manager
  2. Product Owner


Address- Level 2, The Palace, 108 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000, Australia 

Phone- +61 8 9322 6659 

Email- [email protected] 

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