Powershop- The Carbon Neutral Organisation!!

In Victoria, NSW, South East Queensland, and South Australia, Powershop, the carbon-neutral organisation sell energy to companies and residence

Powershop- The Carbon Neutral Organisation!!
Powershop supports a greener Australia.
Meridian Energy, the parent organisation, is Australasia's biggest 100% renewable producer, with wind farms and hydro facilities spread across three states and power contract agreements with other renewable generators. Powershop is the first energy retailer in Australia to be certified as carbon neutral. They mitigate all of the emissions from business activities as well as the customers' power use. In 2020 and 2021, they were even named Australia's Green Energy Retailer of the Year by Finder. Yes, they acknowledge that their logo is incredibly pink, but they state they are quite green as well. Finder has named us Australia's Green Energy Retailer for the second year in a row! In Victoria, NSW, South East Queensland, and South Australia, Powershop sells energy to companies and residences.
Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard
The government's Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard has recognised us as a carbon-neutral organisation. Knowledge, they think, is power. The mobile and web tools assist their clients to pay their bills whenever it is convenient for them, keep track of their half-hourly use (you'll need a smart meter for this – they can help with that as well), and do a whole lot more. Do you have solar panels? Every day, take a look at what you're exporting. Do you have a power-hungry appliance? With the information they offer, you can solve the case. All Powershop customers, wish to say goodbye to unexpected bills and welcome to a transparent energy experience. They don't withhold information from the people they care about!
Powershop will be there for every inch of the process.
They have a fantastic Powershop team in Melbourne and New Zealand, and they're all passionate about giving the clients the greatest experience possible. They all take turns managing company social media accounts, including the CEO. Why? Because they value the customers first in every work. Since they're a higher efficient energy provider, they reward consumers for their loyalty and provide them a fair price.
How does it work?
They provide you the power to pay your bills your way while keeping track of how much energy you use, due to reasonable pricing and an easy transition. With the help of the app and online tracking tools, it's simple to assist the environment while also reducing expenses. With the helpful app and web tools, you can keep track of your energy usage. You can maintain your account and pay your energy bills on the move, from analysing your peak consumption periods to purchasing Powerpacks.
You can use the power to take control of your bill with Powerpacks. The concept is straightforward. Purchase a Powerpack to cover your energy use in the past, present, and future. But we don't stop there; we have packs to aid your community, the environment, and themed packs to make saving even more enjoyable.
How should you choose Powershop for your company? 
Make the move to a small business energy provider that is completely carbon neutral. At no additional cost, they offset 100% of your company's energy use. Get those eco-friendly products and award-winning customer service!
Working Days- Monday to Friday 8am - 7pm
Email- [email protected]