Bunnings - Victoria

The premier retailer of home remodeling and open patio goods Bunnings, in Australia and New Zealand, and a significant supplier to project builders, commercial tradesmen, and the housing sector.

Bunnings - Victoria
Bunnings History 
In 1886, two brothers named Arthur and Robert Bunning from England came to Perth, Western Australia, and bought their first sawmill. And later '' Bunning Bros'' was established in 1907.
Bunnings became a publicly-traded company and the main supplier of Western Australia hardwoods to the house construction sector after expanding in the Western Australian market and integrating building supplies to the existing timber business. Bunnings expands through acquiring other businesses. Bunnings purchases Alco Handyman's WA business and merges them to greatly enhance their D.I.Y. market.
Bunnings buys McEwans Ltd in Victoria and South Australia, boosting their business on the east coast. Bunnings opens its first Bunnings Warehouse in Melbourne, and Wesfarmers achieves 100% ownership. Bunnings has purchased the BBC Hardware network in Australia and New Zealand, which includes Hardwarehouse and Benchmark shops, allowing the vision is to grow globally into the New Zealand market.
Bunnings begins selling online in Australia with the introduction of Special Orders Online, which offers over 20,000 goods. Bunnings continues to grow its business in Australia and New Zealand, with new warehouses, smaller capacity stores, and trade centres.
Community Help
Bunnings is devoted to giving back to the communities where they support businesses by means of local, regional, and national causes, charities, and organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The Bunnings team sponsored over 72,000 local community activities, raising and contributing more than $42.9 million to charitable organisations. Bunnings strive to make their activities socially accountable, ecologically conscious, and commercially viable in order to achieve sustainability. Bunnings has strong partnerships with over 1,100 of the top Australian brands, New Zealand, and worldwide suppliers, including some of Australia's most trusted and world-leading brands.
As a truly Australian-owned business, they like to promote locally sourced and manufactured goods whenever feasible. They source goods from all around the world as they have a broad network of stores, the broadest availability, and a dedication to providing the clients with excellent quality. The purchasing team visits suppliers and attends trade shows all across Australia and the world.
Bunning Workshops
Bunnings and Bunnings Warehouse are the two basic operating models that have existed since the inception of the Bunnings Warehouse shops. The smaller "Bunnings" stores have a lesser selection of hardware, but the bigger "Bunnings Warehouses" provide a greater selection of hardware and garden goods, including plants. Some Bunnings shops with a smaller footprint have been phased down over time. 
The workshop is a fantastic place to learn, share ideas, and obtain inspiration for your home improvement tasks, whether you're a newbie seeking a helpful hand or an expert on the equipment. Bunnings Workshop is a welcoming online platform where you can ask and answer questions about home improvement and gardening. Over 44,000 people work at Bunnings. Many of the employees come from a trade experience, and permanent staff works 80 percent of the hours in their businesses. This enables them to offer professional advice and excellent service to the consumers. Bunnings provides free DIY workshops for both adults and children, as well as free trailer rental, same-day home delivery, a hiring store, custom orders, a café, children's playgrounds, and many activities for women. They are active members of the communities in which we operate and reside, and they support causes and organisations that enrich the communities. Bunnings has a large network of stores in urban and regional areas to serve both retail and commercial clients.
Bunnings Stalls
Bunnings has a large leasehold and freehold property holdings spanning Australia and New Zealand.
'They are keen on working to find good locations for new stores in both city and surrounding areas as part of our nationwide rollout program.
For fundraising opportunities, the sausage sizzles stores are accessible across the city. Bunnings stores often hold sausage sizzles and cake stalls for community groups and causes on weekends (and weekdays at select locations). The sausage sizzles at Bunnings Warehouse have become an integral aspect of the Australian public's image of the company.
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Website: http://www.bunnings.com.au/
Headquarters: Hawthorn East, Victoria
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