Marky The Sparky- New South Wales

We all are stuck in the envelope of the noble coronavirus. Why not utilise this opportunity to complete a few of those nagging home chores? Marky The Sparky fulfill your electrical services without bearing any stress.

Marky The Sparky- New South Wales
Marky The Sparky

The team of professional, certified, and qualified electrician Mark Pocock founded Marky The Sparky in 2008. The team comprises of electrical professionals from all around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Having all of these specialists under one roof has helped them to discover the fault and analyse in a variety of situations, guaranteeing that they provide the best, most cost-effective services to the clients. They cover Melbourne and a 40-kilometer radius surrounding the city center. Their customers include families, small companies, and even stadiums from all across the state. They take pleasure in providing outstanding customer service, professional contact, and a pleasant approach. Marky The Sparky emphasises itself on being the local choice for great craftsmanship at a reasonable price. The custom-built warehouse in Port Melbourne is one of their distinguishing features. They manufacture all distributing boards, switches, and cabling in-house, guaranteeing that they are the best choice for customised setups. All of the electricians are licensed in Victoria, and they offer copies of their licenses or certificates upon request.

Service terms during Covid
  1. As an important function, they are working as usual. However, they are following the Victorian government's social distancing standards and are maintaining well with the various modifications as per the Covid updates by the government.
  2. They make sure that both employees and clients are secure and take all precautionary measures while they operate. As a result, they've added some additional safeguards to the operational processes: Each member of their staff has undergone an infection prevention and control training program sponsored by the Australian government. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant, soap, gloves, masks, and other things are included in each vehicle's hygiene kit.
  3. They've modified the rules and procedures to reflect Covid-19 measures.
Verbal communication and maintaining a 1.5m distance are a must for every worker and client. After each service, the tools are cleaned well and sanitised using disinfectants. Individuals with a single sign of symptoms regarding any illness will not be allowed in the working area. For a free quotation and evaluation, you can contact them at the given number below. The customer response team will take care of your service.  Senior citizens can avail a discount of 10%.
Marky The Sparky Services
The staff is composed primarily of certified, skilled, and professional. They are polite electricians with neat and tidy service.​ Electricians with vast experience. Domestic and commercial job experience spanning over ten years. Compatibility and protection. They ensure that everything is done safely and in accordance with Australian laws and regulations. They offer transparent pricing for the job; there are no hidden fees or costs to be surprised by. Quick Reaction. They strive to make non-essential installations available within a few days of receiving confirmation. Warranties on workmanship are available. On all installations, they provide competent and high-quality service. Emergency Electrical Response - They have in-house generators ranging in size from 5 kVA to 100 kVA. Customers may simply plug their lead into the generator's outlet, which has been specifically designed with three-phase and single phase outlets to give the most comfortable experience without being stressed. All supplies are sourced in Australia, and all electrical equipment is custom-built at their Port Melbourne warehouse. They can assist you with any electrical needs you may have regardless of time. Assistance is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of an emergency outage.
Services offered
  • Indoor Lighting- They can replace or upgrade your home's lighting to more energy-efficient models, saving you money and transforming your living area.
  • Emergency Electrician- If the power supply is cut by any circumstances, contact the team for quick assistance.
  • Outdoor Lighting- With outdoor lighting recommendations, they help to bring the customer's vision to reality.
Experts can repair, relocate, or replace defective power points in a safe manner. They install USB outlets to eliminate the need for an adaptor. With the NBN on the way, they assist you with upgrading your house with data points for easy internet access. CCTV & Security They install complete CCTV and security systems to safeguard your house and family.
  • Upgrades to the Switchboard- Your switchboard is at the foundation of every electrical project. At reasonable rates, they repair, maintain, and enhance any switchboard.
  • Test & Tag- They provide a test and tagging service for companies who want to make sure their equipment is compliant and safe to use.
  • Rewiring of Cables- The cable does wear out over time and might create electrical problems. they have enough experience to quickly locate and install them.
  • Ceiling fan, as well as a ventilation fan- Experts, can help you install a ceiling fan or ventilation in your bathroom or kitchen securely. This allows your house to be more ventilated and provides air circulation of air than being claustrophobic.
  • Detection of Faults- They assist you in locating and correcting the problems in the circuits.
  • Detector for Smoke- Every home needs a smoke detector, and you can rest assured that it will be installed by a qualified professional.
Address- Available in Port Melbourne and surrounding areas. Kellyville NSW.
Monday - Friday (8:00am - 4:30pm)
Contact- 1300 599 983