Polish Your Public Speaking

When presenting, nearly everybody is guilty of displaying superfluous words, sounds, or gestures, so you may like to say goodbye to them.

Polish Your Public Speaking

When you talk on Zoom or in meeting rooms, do you touch your hair unknowingly? Can you speak with your hands when there is no meaning in the movements? Or maybe, when sending vital messages, you put your hands in your pockets. "Almost everyone betrays expressions, sentences, or sounds that are superfluous (think: "uh-huh," "and..."). When performing in front of a crowd, we sometimes prefer to avoid using them, so if a gesture supports the message, use it. They're part of you. It is only when a gesture is repeated so often that it impacts you and the message you are conveying, even if unintentionally. The ones you ought to sacrifice are these. The first step is understanding. Later, practicing communicating without them before an audience.

How to get rid of the movements that are superfluous. Here are a few tips that are basic:

  1. When you make a superfluous gesture, ask a colleague to whistle.
  2. Consider the movements' timing and what purpose they serve. Consider what you would do without them to accomplish the same purpose.
  3. Set a target for yourself before each speech to strengthen one of your actions or motions.
  4. With no sound, watch a video of yourself. Concentrate on your body language.
    Give yourself time to change.
  5. Some evidence suggests that it takes 30 consecutive days (and maybe more) to change a habit, so be persistent. It's a personal brand of yours, so work at your pace.
  6. Celebrate it if you consider like you have made a change.

  7. And most importantly, don't advise yourself what not to do, so there is no difference between a negative order and a good command in the subconscious. By deciding which movements would be deliberate and not superfluous, articulate the aim in a constructive manner, and then go out there and inspire and convert.

You will be able to concentrate on incorporating expressions and actions that all have one function after clearing up the "noise" from your body language: promoting your message's efficacy. This could be a verbal mantra strategically reiterated or a slogan. Or, like Churchill's signature "V for Victory" symbol, you can deploy a special gesture for best impact.