Pudgy Budgie - Melbourne

At Pudgy Budgie Melbourne, the stocks are supporting Australian-possessed and handmade products, at every possible opportunity.

Pudgy Budgie - Melbourne

The major principles of Pudgy Budgie are susceptibility, cruelty-free products, and guaranteeing that they emphatically affect the nearby local area, which is a big factor. Pudgy Budgie has teamed up with the Local Victorian, who is licensed with Ethical Clothing Australia, to deliver great clothing, and with Melbourne-based privately-owned companies to source their headwears and extravagant cleansing bars. Both the products are handcrafted. The products also include the vegan-friendly range as well.

Pudgy Budgie Story

Pudgy Budgie came to the beginning of Autumn in 2021, subsequent to visiting three neighborhood stores and not having the option to find a solitary Australian-made product inside. A distrustful look came into the founder's mind. She was stunned to see there were zero Australian handmade products. She was in the beginning phases of beginning the Pudgy Budgue business, and after a lot of preparation, actually had she had no idea concerning what the name of this Aussie brand would be. With 'Benny' (a pet budgie)upon her shoulder, she flippantly asked him for thoughts. At that exact second, the words "Pudgy budgie, budgie, budgie" were expressed by the little padded companion, and both this Australian brand's name and lovable adapted bird logo were conceived by Georgia.

Pudgy Budgie 

Pudgy Budgie is brightening up the country, each and every day, by bringing in quality Australian-made products to add to our product range and to help develop the Pudgy Budgie brand as one each Australian trusts and loves. The originator has a fundamental impact by expressly sourcing each Pudgy Budgie product, and by arranging its plan and advancement, through creation, and conveyance to your entryway. The philosophy for Pudgy Budgie is straightforward, She states

“Make sure the first bricks are laid perfectly so that the empire you build will outlast you”. 

Pudgy Budgie plans to give extraordinary client support, from checking in and out, just as guarantee that all Pudgy Budgie products satisfy the quality and guidelines you anticipate from a main Australian brand. Here at Pudgy Budgie, they need our experience to be an important one. Our definitive objective for 'Pudgy Budgie' is to be a trusted and cherished Australian brand found in each Australian family, and one that is all perceived past the delightful Australian shores.

Featured Products

  1. Handmade cleansing bars
  2. Hoodies
  3. Gift cards
  4. Car fresheners

Check out their website for the availability of products- www.pudgybudgie.com.au

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Melbourne, Australia